How to listen to your girlfriend calls

You must remember that listening to your wife’s (or husband’s) phone calls is unethical and ugly, the ultimate expression of mistrust of your own spouse. If the ethical side of the issue doesn’t bother you, use the instructions below. How to listen to your girlfriend calls?


You can listen to other people’s cell phone conversations for free, regardless of the model and distance. It is enough to put a small utility on your mobile device to fully control it. So you can solve any problems: control of employees, children and even the other half. Telecom operators do not control the line of a particular user: whether a wiretap is conducted by court order. Spyware is quite easy to install on smartphones and become invisible.

What should a budding James Bond do? First, download apps that will give you access to your phone conversations. Install the utility on the phone you are going to listen to. You have to do it discreetly. That is, you will have to gain access to the mobile “victim” in order to wiretap. It’s enough to sit for a couple of minutes face to face with the person’s smartphone. It is possible to find a free spyware program, but it will definitely have stripped functionality: they will want money for the rest. 

With the installation of the utility it will be possible not only to listen to the calls, but also to track Gps, read sms, and listen to the immediate surroundings of the smartphone. Such programs cost somewhere around $15 a month. There are apps that allow you to connect three callers during a call: you get a kind of online conference. Only the people talking will not be aware of you. Remember that many smartphones have built-in wiretap protection, and not every app can bypass them. If your “victim” is tech-savvy and installs antivirus, he will quickly find the program in his smartphone. 

But the main issue is that such systems can steal personal data and make the phone vulnerable.  For example, sneakily steal passwords and codes.  Be careful not to fall into the trap of downloading an application from the Internet. Such software may well have viruses living in it. And instead of a wiretap, you’ll get a hacked Internet banking password.

How to install a wiretap on a cell phone

The first task is to register in the selected service, and then pay for a particular period of use. You can also use the free period to conduct preliminary tests. After that, proceed to install the applications.