How to spy on someones phone without them knowing for free

Collecting information about a person without their consent can be illegal, and spying through a smartphone also belongs to this category. However, there are quite legal ways to monitor someone’s location – special applications for this purpose can be installed on your smartphone by anyone. We have collected the most interesting ones in our article. How to spy on someones phone without them knowing for free?

Legal spying

Legitimate spying is possible if the person himself allowed access to his personal data. In particular, if he allows the applications to read his location – GPS-tracking of his smartphone will be legal. True, somehow special software will have to be installed on that smartphone. The developers present such programs under the guise of applications for parental control, but even in them, access to personal information will be reasonably limited. There have been cases where such software has been removed from official app stores for allowing itself too much, such as remotely reading the content of messages.

It is also possible to track a person with a smartphone without installing special software. For example, if you and your “object” use Google Maps, it is convenient to use the “Show me where I am” function – you just need to activate it. Also for iOS there is a basic function “Find iPhone”, with which you can see the location of children and spouses, if you activate family access and enter all family members in the iPhone. Android has a similar program called Find My Device.


It is an app with a wide range of tracking features: In addition to location monitoring it allows listening to audio and looking at live images from the cameras on the other device. It is also possible to record video, switching between main and front camera. This will be useful if you are concerned, for example, that the caller has not been in touch for a long time.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The purpose of the program is parental control, so it has many features other than geotracking. For example, in the Android version, you can use it to set safe zones on the map, monitor the battery charge, block unwanted sites and applications, save all browsing history and limit the time you use your smartphone. On iOS there is no last option – you can only turn on a pop-up notification that it’s time to put the smartphone away. The free version limits many of the features you need: it only has safe surfing on the Internet, controlling the use of applications and limiting hanging time in the gadget.


With this utility, you can control the whereabouts of another user. It is assumed that this is a child – the application has the ability to create allowed zones, if you violate them, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. It is also offered to view the history of movements and receive messages about the low battery of the phone. The application has an SOS button, when you press it, you will immediately receive an alarm. If your child’s phone is muted, and you need to contact him urgently, the app will send a loud signal to his device.