How to trace a text message location

We decided to tell you how you can read other people’s messages. What for? Most of them are designed to spy on your own children and can go no further than home computers. Such programs are also useful for managers and directors to keep tabs on their employees who are hanging out on social networks (or worse). How to trace a text message location?


The program offers many features: message tracking, tracking visited sites and remembering passwords that the user entered on the computer. The program also tracks social networking activity – in addition to messages, you will learn about status updates or photo additions. All data is nicely organized and sent to your email account as often as you want.


Realtime-Spy allows you to watch online. You can see what sites the user is sitting on, what files are opening and what keys are being pressed. All you need to do is add your own Realtime-Spy page to your browser bookmarks and it will be monitored from there.


SpyAgent monitors everything: every mouse click, every keystroke and every Internet activity. In addition, it allows you to block any user action, so you can control another person’s computer from your own. You can set the frequency of screenshots, reporting options, content filtering and blocking, alert keyword and much more.


FlexiSpy is a spy for iOS and for Android. The “Extreme” version not only intercepts SMS and emails, but also allows you to listen to calls and read messages from WhatsApp. Bonus – it detects the location of your phone. You can find yours if you lose it. Cost from $111 to $350 depending on the version. Can be installed on the iPhone only if you have Jailbreak, and on Android – always.

Whether or not to keep track of family and subordinates is up to you. The rules for users of these programs state that you must let people know that you are spying on them. Perhaps, in light of recent events, it is worth taking an occasional interest in the Internet life of your children.

How to protect yourself from spyware applications

  • Use antivirus software on your smartphone;
  • Don’t leave your phone unattended;
  • Use a password to lock your screen;
  • Don’t spread your password and don’t even tell your loved ones.

Just google “wiretap app” to find such suggestions. Don’t go to the Play market. The names will be veiled there, because this case is illegal. Nevertheless, think first whether you really need such apps. At the moment you can find a lot of options that will be useful to you.